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Custom Cataract Surgery

Recent advances in intraocular lens implants has redefined cataract surgery. We now have the ability to fully customize your vision through the use of the most modern intraocular lenses. We can now virtually eliminate your need for glasses at both distance and reading and everything in between. The notion of Custom Cataract Surgery came about from the recognition that each patient has different visual needs. These needs vary based on your lifestyle. Cataract surgery is no longer a "One Size Fits All" procedure. By listening to your specific visual needs, Dr. Sayegh can now customize your surgery to help you achieve freedom from your eyeglasses.
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The Procedure
Cataract surgery is one of the safest and most successful procedures performed today. Great advances have been made in cataract surgery. Millions of people undergo this vision-improving procedure every year and experience excellent results.
Modern microsurgical techniques for removing the natural lens have evolved and improved dramatically over the past 20 years. In the early days, cataract surgery was performed only when a person could no longer see. The cloudy lens was removed in one piece through a large incision that required many stitches. Patients stayed in the hospital for days and after surgery had to wear thick, distorting cataract glasses or deal with cumbersome contact lenses to see well enough to function. Today, it's a simple operation for patients. A tiny incision is made in the eye. Through this incision, the surgeon inserts an instrument about the size of a pen tip. The surgeon may select to use either an AquaLase® device, which uses gentle pulses of liquid to wash away your cloudy lens, or an ultrasonic instrument that breaks up and gently removes your cloudy lens.
Once the clouded lens has been removed, the next step is to replace it with an artificial lens that will do the work of your own lens. This artificial lens is referred to as an intraocular lens or IOL.
Intraocular Lens
When is it needed?
In the past, eye specialists often waited until the cataract became “ripe” and your vision was very poor before suggesting you had the cataract removed.
Nowadays, with modern surgery the operation is usually done as soon as your eyesight interferes with your daily life. This includes having any difficulties with looking after yourself or others, cooking, driving, getting out and about, being able to read, work or do the things you enjoy.
If you are a driver you must reach the visual standard required by the Department of Motor Vehicles, and it may be necessary to have the cataract removed in order to keep your license.
Post-Op Care
Not long ago, cataract surgery required a hospital stay and was usually postponed as long as possible. Today, the procedure is performed on an out-patient basis and takes only a few minutes. Patients are free to return home to rest in comfort and avoid the inconvenience and expense of a hospital stay. In most cases, daily activities such as driving and reading can be resumed almost immediately.
After the surgery, you'll be given a short time to rest. Then, the very same day, you can go home. Within the next 24 hours, your doctor will probably want to see you for an evaluation. Drops will be prescribed to guard against infection and help your eyes heal. For a few days, you may need to wear a clear shield, especially at night, to prevent you from rubbing your eyes.
When your cataract has been removed it may seem like a miracle. All the things you couldn't see clearly are bright, clear, and vivid again. In fact, many people will tell you they haven't seen life so clearly in years.
Once you see how good the world looks, you'll be so glad -- like millions of others just like you -- that a cataract is one thing you can live without.
Medicare allows patients, who need cataract surgery, to select a custom intraocular lens to reduce their spectacle (eyeglasses) dependence. The Crystalens™, ReZoom™, ReSTOR™ & Acrysof Toric™ lenses that we offer all qualify!
As with any surgical procedure, there are risks. You and your doctor should consider the potential risks and benefits to determine if cataract surgery is right for you.
Astigmatism Control
If you suffer from astigmatism in addition to cataracts a simple procedure can done during your cataract surgery to help correct the astigmatism. Dr. Sayegh offers two types of astigmatism control.
Toric Cataract Surgery / Advanced Astigmatism Control
  Ideal for those with moderate to severe degrees of astigmatism
  Use of the Acrysof Toric™ intraocular lens
  Advanced corneal topography and axial length measurements
  Includes “touch ups” if necessary to further reduce your astigmatism
  This will dramatically reduce your need for eyeglasses for distance vision
  You will still require eyeglasses for reading
Multifocal Cataract Surgery / Clear Lens Surgery
  Office consultation and preoperative testing
  Development of a customized treatment plan
  All additional testing is included
  Cataract surgery with either the Crystalens™, ReZoom™ or ReSTOR™ intraocular lens
  Astigmatism correction during your cataract procedure
  This will dramatically reduce your dependency on eyeglasses for both distance and reading
Intraocular Lenses...
An intraocular lens (IOL) is an implanted lens in the eye that replaces the existing lens because it has been clouded over by a cataract. It usually consists of a small plastic lens with plastic side struts, called haptics, to hold the lens in place within the capsular bag inside the eye. IOLs were traditionally made of an inflexible material although this has largely been superseded by the use of flexible materials. Most IOLs fitted today are fixed monofocal lenses matched to distance vision. However, at Cataract & Laser Eye Surgeons, we offer a variety of premium IOLs capable of providing patients a fuller range of vision allowing for greater freedom from glasses for both distance and reading and everything in between.
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  Acrysof Toric™
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