Tuesday, May 11, 2021
The eye health center is your one stop destination for everything you need to know about your eyes and the services we offer to make sure they last you a life time. Use the links below to navigate to other pages in our site that interest you. Look for the symbol on these pages and click it for a quick return to the eye health center.

Eye Disorders

Learn the symptoms, causes, detection and treatment options for the most common eye disorders that lead to vision loss.
Macular Degeneration
Nearsightedness & Farsightedness
Dry Eye Syndrome

Our Services

Lear about the modern approaches to corrective eye surgery. From laser reshaping of the eye's surface in procedures such as LASIK and PRK to surgical insertion of artificial lenses to correct eyesight.
Custom Cataract Surgery
Laser Vision Correction
Limbal Relaxing Incisions
Clear Lens Surgery

How Your Eyes Work

Take a journey through the human eye with a special video presented by Bausch & Lomb and read about the amazing human eye.
How The Eye Works

Intraocular Lenses

Intraocular lenses may be one of the most important ophthalmic developments in the past 30 years. These tiny prescription lenses are placed inside the eye during cataract or Clear Lens Surgery, replacing the eye's natural lens.
Intraocular Lenses
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