Tuesday, May 11, 2021
Satisfied Patients
BG - Cataract Surgery
Dear Dr. Sayegh,
I want to thank you for the excellent treatment that I received from you and your staff. It is so good to be able to thread a needle again. Again, sincerest gratitude.
Have a blessed day.
Senator William J. Larkin - Cataract Surgery
Dear Dr. Sayegh,
I want to express my sincere thanks to you, your administration and your staff in the prep room and the operating room. The expert treatment and care I received were outstanding. I am so pleased with the outcome and feel proud that you were my doctor for this procedure.
Thanks again and best regards.
RD - Cataract Surgery (Crystalens)
Dr. Sayegh,
Please feel free to use the following on your website.
I had a very positive experience throughout my two cataract surgeries with Dr. Sayegh. He took the time to explain everything. Everyone involved was friendly and polite and the results were very successful.
I opted for the CRYSTALENS and although it was expensive, I would do it again.
JW - Cataract Surgery (Crystalens)
Dear Dr. Sayegh,
Just a note to thank you and your staff (both office and operating room) for the courteous and efficient treatment I experienced in the past month.
I admit I was a bit apprehensive regarding the procedure to be performed in both my eyes, but due to the kindness extended me, was both relaxed and secure knowing all would be well.
The "Crystal Lens" that was implanted following cataract removal is truly amazing. I can see things I could not see before without my glasses. Even colors are so much more enhanced.
I would strongly recommend this procedure to anyone contemplating cataract surgery. Your technique of not using needles, stitches, etc. is the best.
Thank you all again.
DH - Cataract Surgery (Crystalens)
Dear Dr. Sayegh,
I had cataract surgery in Sept. 2007. I have Crystalens implants in both eyes. I am pleased with them and enjoy having good sight. DR. Sayegh was thorough in explaining the whole procedure - making me feel comfortable.
He and his staff were professional and caring and all told - it was a comfortable experience..
MP - Cataract Surgery (ReSTOR)
Dr. Sayegh,
Thank you for performing my cataract surgery in January and for fitting me with ReSTOR lenses. I see better each day. As a doctor, you are the best. You are kind, considerate, knowledgeable and you listen to your patient's concerns. Your office staff is also wonderful. I cannot thank you enough and would recommend you to anyone having eye surgery.
Thank you again,
JL - Cataract Surgery (Toric)
Dear Doctor Sayegh:
I'd like to thank you and your staff for the attention given to me during each of my appointments in preparation for and after my cataract surgeries.
As you know I have a right eye astigmatism and my goal was to eliminate the need to wear glasses. You clearly explained, in detail, several options that were available to me regarding lens implants. You answered all my questions.
I chose to have the Toric lens implanted into my right eye, which corrected the astigmatism and therefore eliminated the need to wear glasses for normal activities. It was absolutely the right decision. I am very pleased with the results.
I'd also like to mention that everyone at the Eastern Orange Ambulatory Center where you performed my surgeries was professional, friendly and efficient and relieved my anxieties prior to and after my surgeries. Post-Op instructions were carefully explained and the follow-up call I received the day after my surgeries was appreciated.
With my sincere appreciation,
Sheriff Donald Smith - Cataract Surgery
Dear Dr. Sayegh:
I am writing to thank you and your entire team for the outstanding job you did in restoring my eyesight to better than 2O/20 vision. ln fact, "restoring" is not the appropriate word in that I now have the best eyesight that I have ever had in my entire life. Thanks to your skills and professionalism as a surgeon in performing individual surgeries on both of my eyes to remove cataracts, I now have 20/12 vision with both eyes.
As I am sure you probably sensed in your discussions with me before the surgery, I was deeply concerned about having anything done with my eyes since I value my-eyesight so much. I never even used contact lenses because I had so much respect for my eyesight and didn't want to risk damage to my eyes in any way.
I thank all the members of your team in your office for their professionalism and kindness to me and my wife, Jane, throughout the entire surgical experience. I also want to commend the staff at the Eastern Orange Surgical Center for their kindness and professionalism as well.
ln closing, I want you to know that I always had a great appreciation for the many gifts God has provided me throughout my lifetime and I always included my eyesight high on the list. However, I will never again take this gift of eyesight for granted as each and every day I am so thankful for my outstanding sight. I especially appreciate it when I am driving on a long trip at night with my newly acquired night vision.
Thank you again. I wish you and your colleagues best wishes for continued success, good health and happiness in all your future endeavors. Best wishes. Keep the faith!.
Donald B. Smith
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